Two Horse Tack Review

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this review with a free product. However all opinions expressed are completely my own.

For starters, I’m no stranger to Two Horse Tack. I bought Pearl’s teal biothane halter/bridle & breascollar from them this spring, right before I saw reviews start popping up all over the place.

So when Jacke contacted me a few weeks ago about trying out and reviewing one of their products, I jumped at the chance. I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to try something I hadn’t seen reviewed before. Since Pearl already has a halter bridle, I spent a lot of time on Two Horse Tack’s website, looking for something different to try.

I eventually settled on the Icelandic bridle. I’ve always had a fascination with Iceland and Icelandic ponies. Here in the U.S. we are obsessed with big horses (i.e. Warmbloods), but in many other parts of the world grown men ride ponies! Although Pearl isn’t Icelandic, she is only 13 hands and I thought it would be cool to try a traditional Icelandic bridle on her.

The neat thing about Icelandic bridles in my opinion, is the noseband. While it can be fastened like a traditional noseband, the drop noseband in an Icelandic bridle allows you to fasten it below the bit, similar to the popular Micklem bridle. Click here for as a very informative post about traditional Icelandic bridles and how they work!

Pearl’s color has always been teal/turquoise but I took Jacke’s suggestion to try something different this time around. Eventually I settled on yellow. And while I have never been a “blingy” person but I was fascinated by the turquoise bling and felt that it tied everything together!

One thing Jacke had me do which I found very helpful was send her Pearl’s measurements, over her poll from bit end to bit end. This was in addition to her breed, height and weight. Pearl’s halter/bridle is cob size and although I was able to adjust it to fit her, I did have to punch a few holes here and there. I wish I’d just measured her precisely the first time, because when her Icelandic bridle arrived, it was a perfect fit!

Doesn’t it look sharp?! ❤


You can choose scissor snaps as an option when you order on their website!

I was quite impressed and happy again with the quality of the product. The stitching is tight and clean. When I first heard the thread was white I thought it would stand out more, but it actually works really well with the bright colors. The biothane itself is definitely sturdy, while not too heavy or thick. And I was impressed with the bling! Unlike some of the western bridles I have had, it is not just glued on. I definitely think it will stand up to daily use!

The Icelandic bridle is designed so you can remove either the headstall or noseband piece, turning it into a western type headstall OR a sidepull if you should so choose. They traditionally do not come with a throatlatch, though you can choose to have one added if you desire.

The only thing I found a little puzzling was the dimensions of the noseband in relation to the headstall. In this picture, Pearl’s noseband is on the loosest hole, while her headstall is on the tightest. It works for her, but being that I can’t drop the noseband any lower, I wasn’t able to adjust it for my Quarter Horse (who is just a little taller and also thinks he looks good in yellow!)

I noticed that the ponies in Iceland are typically ridden in a loose ring snaffle so that’s what I used.

I also noticed on the website that the photos show the noseband being under the headstall as shown on Pokey and not dropped and fastened over the bit as I demonstrated with Pearl. So if I was ordering and desired to use the noseband in the traditional sense, I would just leave a note requesting the measurements for noseband be similar to the headstall (from bit end to bit end).

Overall though, I love love love this product! It’s my new favorite piece of tack for sure and you’d better believe I’ll soon be ordering a matching breastplate to go with it! Honestly, the quality can’t be beat and the prices are incredibly affordable and reasonable (and I’m allowed to say this because I purchased my first tack set from them out of pocket!) Seriously, this company may just make a tack hoarder of me yet! With a vast variety of bridles, halters, breast collars etc, there is something for everyone and the possibilities for new products are endless. I would love to see them offering horse collars in the future, as well as items like biothane bits – similar to Meroth leather bits (edit: apparently there is a company that already makes these but I don’t like the look of their biothane personally & think Two Horse Tack could do it better!)

So if you are interested in ordering quality biothane tack, please visit their website at …and use this coupon code when you checkout for 10% off your order!



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